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2018 Anna university revaluation new procedure -coe1 procedure

Anna University New Revaluation procedure guide-from coe1

anna university revaluation procedure

Anna University revaluation is an another chances for a students of anna university .There are two case to apply for the revaluation one is if they failed and other is got low grade ,so students please apply if you get an unexpected(negative) results by coe1.

New Anna University revaluation procedure

There are many Affiliated  Engineering college of anna university all of them should aware of the revaluation and students you should also aware of this procedure to score a good grade.Here our site is ready to help you just leave a comment and you will get instant guide from our team.If you still in a confusion path in the revaluation we surely help  about that queries.

  The Controller of Examination announced that this new Anna   University Procedure to be followed form November-December 2015 Examination


There are two procedure is needed to do by the anna university students to get a successful result  

 First Step:Apply for the Photocopy[total cost 300]
 Second Step:Apply for Revaluation[total cost 400]

Apply for Photocopy:

  • After getting results if you doesn't satisfied by the results and then apply for the photocopy
  • Photocopy cost is totally 300 for each paper
  • Before applying for the photocopy think deeper about your confidence in that particular paper 
  • Then wait a period of days to get the photocopy of answer sheet from the anna university                          

Apply for Revaluation      

  • When you receive the photocopy of the answer sheet by your college,the first thing you need to check that this is your own copy 
  • Then  consult with faculty who is responsible for the revaluation paper 
  • If correction is an positive result which means there is an extra mark as per your expectation then your grade will be boosted
  • The Mark split up format is attached with the corresponding photocopy and its important to valuate your paper with this mark split so that you will have a knowledge about your result
  • Finally apply for the revaluation worth of 400/- and you are all set.     
  • There is also a chance to get a good grade even if your paper failed in evaluation 
  • Wait until the revaluation get publish 

You can check the revaluation results from here click the link Anna university revaluation results 2018

Coe1.anna.univ edu to check Anna university revaluation results

Students login of Coe1 is the most used authenticate portal of the anna university of nov-dec 2018 and there are other two portal available to check the results coe2 annauniv edu adn aucoe annauniv edu.This aucoe is the portal to get result without the use of Date of Birth.Students recommend to use student login part in the website to get results other login part is for college login.For the Students login you need to know about the register number and dob of the particular person to get the results.

  • Go the site
  • Then login into the students login with our register number ,dob and captcha
  • Finally get your results from your page

For more details about the coe1 students login check this link for Anna University Updates 2018 and there are other related sites to check the results.

More information about the Anna university revaluation

For your kind information this revaluation procedures leads you to pay a certain amount of money to reevaluate to avoid this kind of obstacles.Students please concentrate on your presentation in the Anna university examination it's an fact that most of the unexpected(negative) result is due to the poor presentation.When students open the portal coe1 or aucoe annauniv edu they get shocked about the results and the presentation is not your handwriting its the way to impress the faculty.

Anna University Revaluation results-Check
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